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Gabbert Glass Cullet Logo
  Gabbert Cullet Co., Inc.
"A Rainbow of Glass Colors!"
700 Cherry Avenue
PO Box 63
Williamstown, WV 26187
Mr. Frank G. Lane Phone# 304-375-6435
Email: gabbertculletco@suddenlinkmail.com

Photographic List of All Varieties of Gabbert Glass Cullet!

Landscape Use of Gabbert Glass Cullet

The Glass Lot - many Glass Bays full of Gabbert Glass Cullet!

New Beautiful Sky Blue Color Now Available!

(Sky Blue Cut-Offs: click to view full-size image)

(Sky Blue Lumps: click to view full-size image)

(Sky Blue Broken Ware: click to view full-size image)

Orange $2.00 per lb.
Any type Ruby $2.00 per lb.
Most other colors are $1.00 per lb.

SPECIAL DEAL! Gabbert Cullet Plastic Tubs

Only $15.00 each!
Would these be perfect to keep your glassblowing wood blocks in?
Plastic Tub Specifications
Weight empty with lid on 6.5 pounds
Horizontal across 21 inches
Height (depth) with lid on 14 inches
Height (depth) without lid on 13 inches
Circumference around 63.5 inches

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Phone# 304-375-6435

We do not accept Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

Mountains of Glass Color are Available!

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